Howl at the moon! Let your hair down!  Get wild! 

Howl at the moon! Let your hair down!  Get wild! 


Lacie Richardson 

Back in 2009, Lacie Richardson moved to Juneau Alaska in to become a fly fishing guide. After a small stint, 350 miles north of Anchorage, on a river catching rainbows on the fly, and charter fishing as a guide out of Juneau for a summer, she eventually found herself on commercial fishing boats traveling the entire outer coast for six years.  In 2014, Lacie Richardson began direct marketing Alaskan troll caught salmon to the general public. In the summer of 2016, she re-branded as Wild Woman Fish Co. The spring of 2016, she began Wild Woman Adventures, hoping to empower women to challenge themselves in the wilderness and push their own comfort zones. She encourages women to learn how to catch, process, and cook their own food throughout her trips and is an avid fly-fisherWOMAN! 


Lacie was nominated for a Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. She has been featured in multiple literary journals including, "The Guardian" business journal for her impact on the seafood industry and advocacy in collaberative conservation. She mentors other women in business, and up and coming women in the seafood industry. 

Our Partners 

We partner with some incredibly passionate people with extensive credentials and experience. Please feel free to get to know our guides as we feel they are diamonds. 

Captain Louis Hooke (Hook)

Alaskan Adventure Sailing



Captain Louis Hoock is experienced, reliable, safe and fun.  He offers extensive experience in leadership, seamanship, environmental and science knowledge. Though Captain Hoock will claim to have been born on the crest of a wave, this fun loving guy grew up in New Mexico and now calls Juneau, Alaska home.  He studied maritime skills and received his 100 Ton Master Captains License after attending the United States Coast Guard Academy with a full accompaniment of STCW’s.  Louis Hoock served active duty sea service as a NOAA Corps Commissioned Officer aboard the NOAA ship Oscar Elton Sette, exploring the farthest reaches of the sea.

As a licensed captain, Louis has covered over 15,000 sea miles on a commercial passenger whale watching vessel in SE Alaska.  In 2010, Louis founded Coastal Footprint, a nonprofit environmental/scientific research organization.  That same year, he sailed The Jolly Roger from Juneau to Panama; teaching a total of 41 people to sail while simultaneously removing more trash from the shoreline than the 2010 NOAA Marine Debris Program.

Captain Hoock’s passions include taking people on adventures, teaching sailing, and environmental stewardship. His strength lies in his enthusiasm and ability to share adventure with others. Education: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration– Basic Officer training Class 120, United States Coast Guard Academy, Officer Candidate School (2012 University of Alaska Southeast. Juneau, AK. -Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences (2010), Certificate in Outdoor Skills and Leadership (2008) Maritime Licenses:100 Ton Master Captain’s License, Radar Observer (Unlimited), ECDIS (December 31, 2016), Advanced Firefighting (on USCG license), Basic Safety Training (on USCG license), Security Awareness (on USCG license), TWIC, USCG Medical Certificate, First Aid and CPR (current), ARPA, Bridge Resource Management, Shipboard Environmental Compliance Officer (training and experience), HAZWOPER (24 Hr), Small Boat Operator Training

Elin Parker 

Owner of Music Meadows Ranch and Sangre's Best Beef.

The owner, Elin Granshaw, is a world renown horse trainer and teacher of the equestrian arts as well as a successful business woman. She owns a successful grass finished beef company called Sangre's Best Beef. She is passionately devoted to educating about collaborative conservation. In 1995 Elin started offering guests a chance to step into the boots of a real cowboy or cowgirl. With encouragement from her friends to make the big step she says, “It has been nothing but good and has caused me to slow down a bit and see the wonder and beauty of it all through the eyes of my guests”. She prides herself in providing her guests with a truly integrated experience on a real ranch . . . never making up something to do . . . it’s always the real deal. She loves working with the first timer as well as helping the most experienced have a NEW experience with horses. This is a truly unique way to connect with horses, As Elin's teaching style is about connecting with your horse individually and veering away from the pack. You'll learn about sustainable agriculture, explore the mountainside, see amazing wildlife, learn to fly fish while catching huge trout and much much more.