2018 Retreats 

Find the Retreat that is right for you 

Exploring the realness of a location is our passion - the foundation upon which we design all of our retreats. But, we also believe that the power of Adventure multiplies when it is paired with a supportive environment. Whether it be a spiritual retreat, business retreat, or just a good ol' adventure, we are sure we will have something for you.We appreciate your interest. This helps us gauge what YOU want so we can bring you real authentic trips that make a difference. 

Alaskan Sailing Adventures 

This is NOT A cruise ship experience! This is authentic Alaska! We go where no other tours go all customized to the group. You will see the REAL Alaska from the seat of a 54' sailboat. You'll learn how to catch and fillet fish, sail a boat, navigate the high seas, conquer mountains and much much more. If you think "I could never do anything like that." let us prove you wrong. By the time you leave you'll be in disbelief at all you've accomplished, we will walk you through it! 

Music Medows Colorado Ranch Retreat

This is NOT a dude ranch experience! This is a customized REAL experience on a REAL working ranch with REAL working women who make this place a magical slice of heaven. You will meet and bond with the women that own it, and see the remote mountains of Colorado unlike any other trip. You'll experience first hand sustainable agriculture in action while simultaniously connecting with horses through employing leadership skills and meeting strong women that make it all happen. 


Experience the Real Africa

This is NOT a five star secluded safari lodge experience. This is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself into the real Africa.  Come with us, let us show you our travel secrets, and make the most out of your time and money. NO tourist traps, NO overpriced lodging, NO nightmare transportation, and NO "fake" experiences. This is the REAL African trip of a lifetime, guided by those who've lived it.

Traveling with friends?

We will take your group with us anytime of the year! Click below to see custom trips and rates!